Software Components

There are two pieces of software:

  1. A client that will capture frames from a simple webcam
  2. And a server that will take the input frames and run AI processing on them

Will be using Raspberry Pis as our clients to demonstrate how cheaper hardware is used to pipe frames to a more powerful machine for additional processing.

  • Imagezmq client server
  • Raspi
  • Google cloud machine learning 2

How It Works

  • 1

    Install Camera and Software

    Plugin the USB camera to your media player. We will send the software with instructions. So once your device is connected to the internet, it is a one-step installation process and is likely to take about 3-5 mins.  

  • 2

    Stream live video over the network

    Using OpenCV, the images are captured via the camera, and using ImageZMQ they are set to the server for processing. No image of the people is stored and the entire processing is done on-fly.

    The system is privacy-safe and GDPR compliant.  

    Imagezmq logos
  • 3

    See the results via Dashboard

    A dashboard is built specifically to your company and via the URL, updates can be seen in real-time. 

    Person level

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