How do we measure?

The measurements depend on camera placement, resolution, detection depth, and compute power. 

  • Camera
  • Depth

What do we measure?

Using the camera attached to signage, we divided each person in its field of view (FOV) in two categories. 

  • What
  • I. OTS - Opportunity to See

    If a person enters the FoV, it is counted as an OTS.

  • II. Watcher

    If a person in its FOV, looks at the signage for more than 2 seconds, a watcher is counted. For each watcher, we calculate a range of measurements. 

Measurements for each Watcher

The measurements are given at an interval of 200 ms and for each advertisement. This makes it very easy to use them as input in your programmatic system.

  • Basic

    Age Groups

    A total of 8 groups are estimated.

    (0-2), (4-6), (8-12), (15-20), (25-32), (38-43), (48-53), (60-100)

  • Basic


    Male and Female

  • Emotions

    A total of 8 emotions are estimated.

    Anger, Disgust, Surprise, Sadness, Happiness, Neutral, Contempt, Fear

  • Ethnicity

    A total of 5 ethnicities are estimated.

    Asian, Black, Indian, Others, White

  • For Men

    Facial Attributes

    Short dark stubble, Goatee, Mustache, Sideburns

  • For Women

    Facial Attributes

    Arched eyebrows, Heavy makeup, Rosy cheeks, Earrings, Lipstick, Necklace

  • For Men

    Clothing Style

    Long Sleeve Wear, Short Sleeve Wear, Shorts, Trousers, Vest 

  • For Women

    Clothing Style

    Tops and Dress (Long/Short Sleeve), Shorts, Skirt, Sling dress, Trousers, Vest dress  

  • Hair Styling

    Black, Blond, Blurry, Brown, Gray, Receding Hairline, Straight Hair, Wavy Hair, Bald

Our Dashboard

The results of the analysis are shown at three levels. 

  • Aggregated
  • Individual
  • Person level

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